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March 31, 2023

Professional Development Highlight Workshops

For more information contact: Sandra Rascon 

ESL Institute (2-Day Supplemental (154) TExES Preparation Course)

This two-day comprehensive workshop prepares participants for the 154 English as a Second Language Supplemental (ESL) exam. The workshop deep dives into the domains and competencies culminating in a practice test followed by a review. All prospective 154 candidates are invited to fortify their preparation by enrolling in a free, TEA ESL Certification Training, at

Sheltered Instruction Academy Series

This series provides workshops on the eight components of Sheltered Instruction with a focus on creating comprehensible input to delivery meaningful lessons. Workshops are available for elementary, secondary, and for distance learning classrooms.

ELPS - LIAG – Linguistic Instructional Alignment Guide

This hands on workshop supports K-12 teachers in identifying essential components including TELPAS-ELPS instructional connections to plan lessons that meet the linguistic and academic needs of Emergent Bilinguals. Teachers will apply what they are learning to case studies for immediate classroom use. 

Supporting Newcomers K-12

This workshop explores the unique needs of Newcomer students to public school environments, K-12. The workshop highlights basic communication needs, linguistic needs, cultural needs, social-emotional needs, culture shock, arrival preparation, and other useful information every school needs to know. 

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